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NFL Weekly Confidence Pools - Week 17 - Post here

These will be weekly NFL confidence pools. $50 per week. You can play one week or every week. Odds posted usually on Friday

Confirmed Entries -
(will update as we go)

If i don't update these Sunday and you pay you can play. I always match # against entries who submitted picks. If you don't pay by deadline it won't count though. FYI

1. nickw
2. briefcase
3. letsdoit
4. mindbender
5. tdtylert
6. fadedapublic
7. roma
8. dkp
9. quattroporte
10. Losteeth
11. Revom1
12. buli
13. mgreen

If you paid & I don't have you down let me know

Thursday games ARE NOT USED in this contest. Deadline is kickoff Sunday

If I left you out kindly let me know



$50 Weekly Buy In

** Please note these weekly contests/threads will be posted each week in our NFL forum section. When completed it will be moved to the Weekly Confidence section

PM Jack here to make payment arrangements:

Confidence Style Pool - This will be a weekly contest with all the Sunday and Monday games.

There will be approximately 12-14 games Sunday & Monday- you'll pick the winner ATS of each game, and give each a confidence rating. Use each number 1-13 once, get the game right, and earn that many points. Use 13 for the play you're most confident in, 1 for the play you're least confident in. Tiebreaker will be passing yards by -------- on Monday night.

SAMPLE LINES BELOW (odds moved .5 to avoid ties)

Please post clearly and if you make an error (use a number twice, not clear what team your playing, etc) it will be graded against you.

Make payment arrangements with Jack before posting plays.

Less than 10 entries - 1st place 100%
10-19 entries - 1st place 75%, 2nd place 25%
20 or more entries: 1st place 60%, 2nd place 25%, 3rd place 15%

Sample Card (post in same order as odds listed):
8 NY Giants -7.5
12 Jacksonville +11.5
9 Atlanta +6.5
3 Buffalo +2.5
2 Cincinnati -1.5
13 Detroit -2.5
4 Indianapolis -9.5
1 Green Bay -1.5
11San Francisco -6.5
10San Diego +7.5
5 Arizona -2.5
6 New Orleans -7.5
7 Tampa Bay +2.5
Tiebreaker: Tannehill 321
Odds posted Friday
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