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wayne1218 12-04-2018 06:00 AM

Second Chance Survivor $100 buy - Week 11 (NFL Week 14)
Please make sure rules are followed

Second Chance Survivor $100 buy - Rules

58 entries

cali - LAC, NE, GB, LAR, Hou, Chi, KC, NO, Bal, Sea, Pit
Crazyeyes888 (2) - LAC, Cin, GB, Ind, Pit, Chi, KC, NYG, NE, Phi, NO
frick - LAC, Car, GB, Atl, Hou, Chi, KC, NO, Dal, Sea, Pit
Gdavis14 - JAC, NE, GB, LAR, Pit, Chi, LAC, Hou, Ind, KC, NO
Gdavis14 (2) - LAC, Car, Min, LAR, NE, KC, GB, NO, Bal, Den, Pit
princehal (8) - NE, LAR, Hou, LAC, KC, Min, GB, Bal, Ind, Ten, NO
thepostman! - LAC, Car, Min, TB, Hou, Chi, GB, NO, Bal, Sea, Pit

buccos (2) - Jac, LAC, Min, Ind, NE, Chi, KC, NO, Phi, GB
Quattroporte - LAC, NE, Hou, Ind, Pit, Chi, KC, NO, Bal, GB
walter abrams - NE, Car, Min, Den, Pit, Chi, GB, NO, Bal, No Pick
walter abrams (3) - Jac, Cin, GB, Ind, LAR, KC, LAC, Bal, NO,
No Pick
Asbabslik15 - LAC, NE, GB, LAR, Hou, Chi, KC, Atl
bisky - Jac, NE, Hou, Ind, Pit, Chi, KC, LAC
chris b - Jac, NE, Min, LAR, Hou, Chi, KC, LAC
dannyray - GB, Car, Min, Ind, Chi, KC, LAC, Ari
kbhirsch - LAC, NE, Min, KC, Pit, Chi, GB, Car
nobodynobody - Jac, Cin, GB, Ind, Chi, Min, LAR, LAC
onepocket - Jac, NE, Min, LAR, Hou, KC, GB, LAC
princehal (4) - GB, Car, Hou, KC, Chi, NE, LAC, Atl
princehal (6) - LAC, LAR, Min, Ind, NE, Car, KC, Ari

prop - NO, Cin, Hou, Ind, Chi, Car, GB, LAC
resteasy - LAC, LAR, GB, Ind, Hou, Chi, KC, Ari
walkertate - GB, NE, Min, LAR, Cin, Car, KC, LAC
walter abrams (4) - Chi, NO, Hou, Atl, NE, Car, KC, LAC
Chiefwes - GB, NE, Min, Den, KC, Car, NYJ
coronabk - Jac, NO, Min, LAR, Chi, KC, NYJ
dkp - NE, LAR, GB, LAC, Chi, KC, Atl
hoosiercatdaddy - LAC, NO, GB, TB, NE, Car, LAR
lostteeth - Jac, NE, GB, KC, Pit, Car, Atl
onepocket (2) - LAC, NE, GB, LAR, Hou, KC, Phi
prime2121 - GB, NE, Min, LAR, Pit, Chi, NYJ
prop (2) - Dal, NO, Min, TB, Hou, Chi, NYJ
treyfecta (2) - Chi, LAR, Hou, TB, NE, KC, Phi
walter abrams (2) - GB, Car, Hou, LAC, KC, Min, NE
xxxftwxxx - LAC, Car, Hou, Ind, Chi, KC, NYJ
walter abrams (5) - LAC, NO, Atl, LAR, Phi, Dal
walkertate (2) - Jac, Car, GB, KC, NE, Dal
The governor - KC, Cin, Min, LAR, Chi, Dal
buccos - LAC, Cin, GB, LAR, Pit, Dal
Dr Jack - NE, Car, Min, Phi
princehal - LAR, NE, GB, Phi
Asbabslik15 (2) - GB, NE, LAR, Phi
Asbabslik15 (3) - NE, LAR, Min, Dal
princehal (7) - Jac, NE, Chi
princehal (2) - GB, NE, Chi
Crazyeyes888 - NE, Pit, Chi
treyfecta - GB, Ten
prop (4) - Sea, Ten
princehal (5) - LAC, Ten
princehal (3) - GB, Ten
mrvegas - LAC, Ten
n8gr8 - LAC, Phi
dell dude - Oak, Den
bookiekilla - GB, Ten
Vegastommy - Atl
The_Scout - Phi
nickw - Phi
prop (3) - Pit

THE POSTMAN! 12-07-2018 03:23 PM


cali 12-08-2018 03:42 AM


crazyeyes888 12-09-2018 08:15 AM

new orleans

bisky 12-09-2018 11:17 AM

Frick: Pittsburgh

PrinceHal 12-09-2018 11:21 AM

New Orleans Saints

gdavis14 12-09-2018 11:38 AM

Gdavis14 (1) New Orleans
Gdavis15 (2) Pittsburgh

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