Who will be suspended next?

Posted by CAPPERSMALL STAFF on 05.14.2009

The great game of baseball used to be America's past time but that was long ago. You can no longer say that with a straight face. If you have been a fan of baseball over the last 15-20 years you saw a dominant right hander by the name of Roger Clemens do things that amazed you. We saw players like Mark McGwire, Sammy Sosa & Barry Bonds do things with the bat like no one has ever seen.

Those were the biggest names right? The story ends with those names, I mean they are big enough right? Then came Alex Rodriguez and now Manny Ramirez.

Which players were dirty? What records are legitimate? We assumed it was a just a small handful of baseball stars that got caught up in the steroid era even though Jose Canseco tried to tell us differently, even though George Mitchell told us differently. What is next?

The online betting website Bookmaker.com has posted odds on who will be the next player suspended by MLB under the drug policy in 2009? Alex Rodriguez is still eligible at 3/1 followed by Adrian Beltre at 375 with big names like Albert Pujols, Carlos Delgado, Zack Grienke, David Ortiz, Alfonso Soriano and even Derek Jeter with odds available.

Below is the odds on each player available at Bookmaker.com
ZACH GEINKE    +900   
DAVID ORTIZ    +500   
RYAN HOWARD    +600   
ALBERT PUJOLS    +600   
ADRIAN BELTRE    +375   
DEREK JETER    +1100



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