It's A Coin Flip

Posted by 2nd Half Chas

In the world of the so called “experts” winning 50% is SOP


It’s A Coin Flip


The newsletters from these so called gurus get passed around amongst friends


One guy buys it and shows all his friends


Sometimes they have winners…most time they’re no better than calling heads or tails


We spent an entire season reviewing the different “services” so we know of what we speak


Just for the hell of it we checked on a couple of past weeks from the publications that our buddies had forwarded us


This week their top five NCAA plays were 2-3 including losing their 5 Star pick


Last week, in the same newsletter they hit the first two and then lost 2 of 3


10 picks - 5 winners – you might as well just call it in the air


Our focus on all Six Bets A Game allows the trends to isolate the very hottest streaks that have at least “statistically speaking” a 90% chance of coming through


Yesterday they went 3 out of 4


Our record in the last 36 2nd Half trends with Betting The Second Half stands at 25-11 (69%)


These trends are just a piece of the info you need to have a profitable week betting on football


NFL trends are 14-6 over the last two weeks


With all those winners our bankroll has grown and according our bets are much bigger than normal


The OVER in the SD/TB game is tied for the hottest trend this Sunday


When that game goes OVER 47.5 … no matter what happens the rest of the weekend


It’s a profitable week for our Second Half Point Spread Winners report


Now the Under in the 1st Half of the Den/Car game is 23.5


That’s an important wager for us as well as it was the other spot tied for the best play opportunity


They both win and we have officially kicked our sports book’s ass (this week anyway)



Always Be Cashing

2nd Half Chas


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