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Thumbs up CappersMall Rewards Program updated


We have updated the existing system with a few changes! More points for new threads, minor changes and prize changes to mostly CM gear!

updated 10/1/2011

Here are some of the way you can earn REWARDS automatically. (Most forum sections)

POST NEW THREAD - 3 reward points

- 1

POST SIZE BONUS (characters) - 0.01

THREAD VIEWED (other members) - 0.01

THREAD REPLIED (does not count your replies) - .50


DAILY LOGIN with FIRST POST - 5 rewards. All you have to do is login to the site & make one post to get your 5 REWARD. This should be updated once daily around 5:00 PM CST after the night you logged in and made a post. This will not show up in your transaction log as of yet.

BIRTHDAY - 20-100 points. Depending on your length of membership and post count you will receive 20-100 points once per year. This should be updated automatically around 5:00 PM CST as long as you log in and birthday is in your profile. This may not however show up in your transaction log.

5 YEAR ANNIVERSARY (new) - (must be active member) 50 points. We will manually credit you 50 points for your CappersMall 5 year anniversary (& every 5 years) as long as you post in this thread during that month. This is every 5 years and it is not retroactive. So if you joined here in January of 2006, you would be eligible in January of 2011.

POST COUNT - This is a change again. Every time you hit 1000, or every 1,000 after - post in here and we will manually issue you 10 reward points. You must post in this thread around the time you hit milestone (within 5 posts). You will also get one time 25 point bonus for hitting 10,000, 25,000 and every 25,000 after (25, 50, 75, etc). This is only moving forward and not retroactive.

DONATION - Any member can donate rewards to you. See a post you like, reward them - they might reciprocate!

- CM Rewards Book open in most of the main sports. Just for fun, Look for the thread in the sports specific forums for more information. Be careful not to let your points go under 0 in the rewards book as it will lock your ability to get points in the future.

- All post up contests will come will free rewards. The monthly POD contest will be moving to all reward points and there will be other contest types to earn points coming soon.

DEPOSIT to SPORTSBOOKS updated - All deposits through cappersmall sponsor books will net you bonus reward points + special, exclusive bonuses as well.

First time deposits opened through cappersmall at any of our sponsored books. Upon verification you will receive 50% reward points of your opening deposit with a maximum of 500 points. So if you deposit $1,000 in to a new account through CM - you will receive 500 points. Deposit $100 and get 50 points and so on.

For renewal deposits in to accounts opened through cappersmall at any of our sponsored books - Upon verification you will receive 25% reward points of your re-up deposit with a maximum of 250 points. So if you re-up with a $1,000 in to an account opened through CM - you will receive 250 points. Deposit $100 and get 25 points and so on.


Click donate next to their name which will bring you to the donation screen.
Enter any comments and the amount donated and click donate. This is NOT a private message, these all show up on my screen


USE your points to play in exclusive private contests, raffles, auctions and more

Updated 9/21/2014

Reward Point raffles will be one of the best ways to use your reward points. We will be giving away cash, buy-in contests, electronics, tickets to sporting events and lots more.

Keep up with all the raffles by clicking here

Special contests will be offered that you can use your reward points for to win real prizes

1000 Reward Points
CappersMall - T-Shirt Short Sleeve (LG, XL, 2X and some 3X) (Grayavailable) -
other CM gear might become available again but will be used for contests and raffles

Check the REWARDS thread for more ways to earn points! Several categories have increased to make it easier to earn points!

* Reward prizes subject to change


This process will be automated soon. For now, you can post me a PM by clicking here and we'll get that taken care of.


* SPECIALS - We may announce other prizes available on a certain day or dates for special one-time items like iTunes gift cards, sportsbook accounts, bonuses & more.

* Getting banned even temporarily banned will result in your points being reset to 0. Being moved to post review will do the same. When reinstated it will be up to my discretion whether to give them back.

* We reserve the right to modify, add, delete or change any part of the rewards system at any time.

This will be update on first post as well
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