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Originally Posted by Ricky Tan View Post
getting close to 3k

Originally Posted by revnecro1273 View Post
not sure if i have been getting them or there a way for me to check that?
It doesn't show up in log like donations, etc. Just have to notice it
Originally Posted by Victor View Post
Same here. Sometimes I`ll get the 5 reward points and sometimes I won`t. It all started with the gold coin. With the gold coin gone It`s still not right on my end. When we were getting 2 points for logging in it worked perfect. I do make a post after I log in to see if it rewards 5 point and it`s a no go. I now your working on it Dr. Jack. I`m just throwing my in about what`s happening on my end.
Nothing to do with cold coin, just similar timing. Also never got this instant when you make first post. It's supposed to update once daily
Originally Posted by rda21 View Post
I never log in.
staying logged in is same thing

Originally Posted by Dr. Jack View Post
DAILY LOGIN with FIRST POST - 5 rewards* (this feature is under construction) - All you have to do is login to the site & make one post to get your 5 REWARD. This should be updated once daily around 1:00 AM CST. Please NOTE - this feature is still a work in progress and may not be working properly yet
It runs ever 24 hours and goes through system at 1am. Still work in progress. We will probably just remove this feature soon so not to worry about it so much
Debate the topic not the poster!
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