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Originally Posted by Big Pimpin View Post
Canít wait for this Ponzi scheme to collapse

According to Blackís Law dictionary a Ponzi scheme is:

ďA fraudulent investment scheme in which money contributed by later investors generates artificially high dividends or returns for the original investors. Money from the new investors is used directly to repay or pay interest to earlier investors, usually without any operation or revenue-producing activity other than the continual raising of new funds.Ē

The main problem with Ponzi schemes is that they implode due to market saturation. Pyramid type investment structures funnel money to the top, while leaving the majority of participants at the base as bag holders.

Bitcoin does not fit the definition of Ponzi scheme for various reasons:

There are no paid dividends to any investors.
The purpose of using bitcoin isnít to recruit new participants.
Thereís no centralized body that funnels money up to the top.
Unlike Ponzi schemes, Bitcoin will still have value and continue to function even if no new participants join the ecosystem.

Im sorry that you are butthurt. You skeptics have said the same thing at $1000 $5000 now $10000. See you at $20k.
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