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Glad it worked out.
To keep the conversation going, if anyone is interested in sharing opinions, I don't agree with this:
"It was decided no one else can pick up Cook, who he dropped."

Any team can pick up a player another team dropped. This is as basic a rule as it gets in Fantasy, no?
But you guys invented a new, temporary rule, on the spot, for this situation?
Or, from now on, is anybody allowed to invoke the "I'm dropping a guy but I'm going to want him back so no one can claim him" clause?

Where do you draw the line?
Who's to stop another player from demanding it, pointing to this as a precedent. "Well, we did it for him, why not me?"

Anarchy! Anarchy!

I get it, everyone agreed to it, but I don't know, just thinking out loud (or, in writing) here, for fun/conversation.
Seems like unnecessary contortions there for the situation.

Would have been funny if one of the other teams still trying to make the playoffs grabbed Cook, and said "Of COURSE I said I wouldn't take him - because I needed him! It's called STRATEGY. Same as when a team puts out false info on who they are going to take in the draft, hoping a guy they want will fall to their place on the board. Or when a coach lies about a player's injury to try and affect this week's opponent's game planning. Strategy - you got played, deal with it, bitches."

That would have been a nightmare/fun scenario.
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