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Suspect planned kidnapping of 'sportsbook' owner and with money obtained he moved to Spain with his family

The suspect of having planned the kidnapping of American William Sean Creighton Kopko, owner of a sportsbook in Costa Rica, apparently used the money obtained with extortion to flee to Zaragoza, Spain, with his partner and his mother.

The disappearance of the foreigner occurred on the night of September 24, 2018.

It is presumed that through extortions made to relatives of the businessman, the alleged kidnapper obtained almost $ 1 million.

The Prosecutor's Office informed that in conjunction with the Judicial Investigation Agency (OIJ), 11 raids were carried out this Friday, 10 in Costa Rica and one in Spain, to arrest the suspects and at the same time try to locate the foreigner.

In Spain, the Civil Guard captured an engineer named Morales Vega, his partner and his mother, surnamed Solís Chaves and Vega Aguirre, respectively.

Meanwhile, in Costa Rica, the operations took place in Cartago, La Union, Santo Domingo de Heredia, Guadalupe, Moravia, Siquirres and Limón. These allowed the arrest of nine people, among them the uncle and the grandmother of the leader of the organization, identified with the last names Vega Aguirre and Aguirre Leal.

Two officers of the Traffic Police, named Jirón López and Medrano Vargas, and five other persons were also apprehended.

Walter Espinoza Espinoza, director of the Judicial Police, said that those who were in Spanish territory will be transferred to the country for the corresponding process.

"The investigation started on September 25 of last year, after the North American was deprived of freedom on the previous day in the evening.

"His family received extortion calls and made an important payment to secure his release; however, since September 24 it is not known where it is, "said Walter Espinoza Espinoza, director of the Judicial Police.

He mentioned that it was by tracking the fate of this money that the first traces of Creighton, 43, were obtained.

"The payment in virtual money gave us access to a wallet, the IP (unique identifier of the equipment) was tracked and the location of this was specified (...).

"The leaders of the group are in Zaragoza and will be brought to the country to be prosecuted for the fact. In Costa Rica it was determined that there are nine people close to the circle that planned the kidnapping, "Espinoza said.

During the proceedings of this Friday, firearms, cell phones, tablets, computers, vehicles, SIM cards, paper with annotations and shopping vouchers , as well as cash in dollars, were seized in Costa Rican soil.

On the other hand, in Zaragoza, at least 4,000 euros were seized in cash, cards used for virtual currency transactions, an accounting book and, likewise, electronic devices.

The Prosecutor's Office will request precautionary measures against the detainees before the Criminal Court of the Second Judicial Circuit of San José and, the three detainees in Spanish territory will be presented on Saturday before the National Court of Spain for the processing of their extradition.

Careful planning

The investigation of the case, which is still under file 18-027579-0042-PE, allowed to establish that the suspects of the kidnapping rented a pick-up vehicle in which they intercepted the offended one and then they moved him to a place that is unknown.

"On the day of the events, the accused followed him during the night to Granadilla de Curridabat, where, with the presumed collaboration of the two Transit officials, they allegedly boarded the businessman when he was traveling in his car and, subsequently, he was taken to the site. of captivity, which must be determined.

"It is presumed that, after that, they made calls to people close to the victim and demanded payment of a high sum of money, in bitcoin-type virtual currency to free Creighton Kopko; in appearance, they managed to receive the equivalent of $ 950,800; However, until today the whereabouts of the American is unknown, "said the Public Ministry in a press release.

After what happened, the leader of the group, his partner and his mother had moved to Cuba, where it is suspected that they remained for just over a month and then traveled to Spain, first to the municipality of Alicante and then to Zaragoza.

Movements of the entrepreneur

A Creighton Kopko is related to the sportsbook 5dimes, which until 2016 was located in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.

Precisely, during the investigation of the case it was learned that the Department of Homeland Security investigated Creighton for alleged money laundering.

The man lives in Costa Rica since before 2011. In that year he married a Costa Rican woman who today is 33 years old. The couple lives in Santa Ana.

In March 2016, La Nación published a series of articles in which it was reported that a sportsbook based in Costa Rica would have used gift cards from the shopping site to allow Americans to place illegal bets on the Internet and launder allegedly , about $ 2 million.

They detailed that it was the business called 5dimes, which operates in the Equus building, in San Pedro de Montes de Oca.

At that time, the US Department of Homeland Security's investigation linked the American, with the online sports betting house.

The journalistic investigation pointed out that here there are also documents or facts that link Creighton to 5dimes. Among them, it was cited that in 2013, he was described as a consultant to that company, while his wife was listed as "executive partner".

This was stated in a complaint filed on January 29, 2013, the general manager of the sportsbook , Marisol Carvajal Cordero, against an employee for the alleged crime of fraudulent administration, a document to which La Nación had access.

Creighton does not appear in the National Registry as a member of any company or owner of assets. However, his wife is included in 14 societies, which have registered 52 properties in different parts of the country.

For May 2016, the Fiscallía ruled out investigating if illegal online bets are made in Costa Rica in the United States and if, at the same time, operations are conducted to launder the money generated with that activity.
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