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"I didn't fuck up your thread or any thread for that matter."


"It is not my fault that you don't have the ability to think in a manner of depth/multi dimensional manner when it comes to evaluating things and/or have no respect for people who disagree with you."

Coming from the #1 clueless poster on the forum

"Everything you say about no one caring about my opinions is based on YOUR opinion only."


"Your statement about the hit count in the NC being my own is just a pure outright lie"


"Again it is no accident/coincidence that it was YOU not I who got their sorry ass suspended here for a month for your condescending and demeaning manner not just toward me but toward others including what could be construed as anti-Semitic remarks."

I've been suspended over 10 times in 10 years, and still allowed to post, get over it.

"You remind me of the classic middle school bully who tries to push who you he deems as weaker kids around but not of course someone bigger and stronger than he is."

Naa ... Just pointing out over and over how clueless you are

"Based on this post and others I am going to formally request to the person who banned you in the first place and to Dr. Jack himself that you either conform to standards of decency and respect in this forum or at least be warned that if you continue such action you be banned again."

Do what you feel is necessary crybaby

"ps I will continue to post and say whatever I want, and you will be treated by me either civilly if you accord me in the same manner or tit for that if you choose to go the other route if you continue to post in the manner in which you do and are not banned first!!"

Wrong ... I will have it arranged so you are unable to post in certain threads

"People like you are a dime a dozen, and get away with their bullying and intimidating tactics-fortunately I am not one of those and don't forget it!!"

Shut up.

"Views of an older but VERY intelligent person"

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