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There is a few of these:
1. White Christian Republican Men
2 White Christian Conservative Men

When mixed together, we get "White Creator beliving Conservative Republican Men who would vote Libertarian if we did not have an either/or system." The Republican tent is big but that means it also makes room for the RINOs.

I have a cousin whose life was destroyed by "experimenting with Oxy". Stamping down on drugs like these will not help. We have had a war on (some) drugs for decades with no end in sight. My two living sisters-in-law in Wisconsin abuse street drugs and have for decades. The third kept coming back to a man who abused her, hitting her head, and she died at 43 from a brain aneurysm. I hold him 100% responsible but it is not up to me to mete out Justice. I have a .270 with Sierra GameKings and an unregistered rifle that I would so love to use but that is just my daydreams.

I thought forty years ago that the Government could have a person go to a doctor, get an Rx and buy a taxed pack of Pot cigarettes. Return every 6-months for counseling or refill. There used to be a 4-pack of tobacco cigs in a C-Ration. The tax would change monthly by getting a High Times magazine and making the 4-pack under street cost. Smuggling would drop to zero.

The same could be done by supplying an Rx for pharmaceutical grade Heroin. As pure it would not need needles and could be swallowed, snorted or mixed in cigarettes. That covers the low end to the worst end and the stuff in the middle could be worked out. Except as a Government run system, they would find a way to screw it up. Remember the Feds took over a Nevada brothel. They had the licenses to sell booze, pussy, and gambling but ran it out of business.

tigerbait, I am sorry if I did a thread hijack but one sentence just led to another.

A Call For The U.S. To Pilot A Prescription Heroin Program : Shots - Health News : NPR

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