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That's great so phase one amazing I am f****** embarrassed to call myself a Democrat a party I've been a part of us the first day I was old enough to vote they've acted like a bunch of 2 year old kids since they lost the White House to trump it took them forever to swear in his cabinet and all that time they put our country at risk and now they come up with this absolute f****** garbage where they have nothing on the man he did not do nothing wrong they won't even come out and say exactly what he did except High crimes and misdemeanors so I have an idea.

If we go to Washington and voice our displeasure will get thrown in jail so I have a perfect idea to keep ourselves from getting in trouble when we all go to the polls in the primary in a couple of months do not vote Democrat vote the other party or vote undecided this way they will know how America feels and how much they pissed all of us off and they come November they will be in for the shock of their lives that is what I am going to do

I am sick and tired of Pelosi and more than sick and tired of Chuck Schumer the only reason they have their position is because the Democrats control the house will I really hope that changes in the primary and come November. This is absolutely embarrassing the man has turn this country around and I admit I didn't vote for him I voted for Hillary and I kind of wish I didn't the man is doing a great job and he's getting blasted for something he did not do. I really am looking forward to next month when it goes to the senate for final vote because the Senate being controlled by the red I am looking forward to listening to them blast the Democratic party for all of this f****** garbage and they have wasted our taxpayer dollars by listening to a bunch of trumped-up b******* spearheaded by Pelosi and Schumer
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