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Yeah, a crazy season so far, the lack of preseason is no doubt adding to the injury list.
And yeah, if I get those guys back and get in the playoffs I can make a run at it. IF I make the playoffs.
No complaints though, like I said, it's a lot of fun.
I could be 2-0 if I had used my personal differently, left too many pts on the bench, but, that's part of the game, same thing happens to everyone.

The year I finished 2nd I took a chance with an early pick, that new QB at KC in his first year as a starter. I was SO tempted to take Edwards-Helaire with the first pick this year, believing that you have to take some risks to do well, but, in the end I couldn't say no to McCaffrey, remembering how much he screwed me over the past two seasons while he was on someone else's team.

Hurtin' at RB, but I have two great backups, Mattison in Minn and a guy I really like, Edwards in Az. Not that I wish injury on anybody, but I'd be okay with a slight ankle sprain on Drake putting him out for a week or two.
It would give Edwards the opportunity to show he should be the starter.

Playing the first place team this week, staring at a projected pt total dif of over 20 - yes, I know their pt projections suck - but with my battered lineup, I'm staring at 0-3, too.

Maybe the fun starts next week?

Good luck on your seasons (except the week you play me.)
My neighbors say they can tell how much money I have on a game by the amount of, and volume level of, curses coming out of my house.

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