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Originally Posted by b1llups View Post
Iíve seen them everywhere, but Iíve seen it state that in-store betting will remain of course, which I think is props as well. Just because Props didnít get a sheet doesnít mean it still wonít be around, I think they just changed the others to include single bet wagering.

I do think however we will no longer see this 100 dollar limit per location anymore.
I remain hopeful Props will still be available for in-store and/or on-line wagering, comes next week.

However that should be the least of our concerns, IMO. The concern, as broncs correctly pointed out a few posts above yours, is what happens if the Prop odds is dynamically adjusted and by all indications, they will be.

Will we still have an opportunity to smash the weak OLG lines before they get adjusted in (almost) real-time, recognizing we all have families here and may simply not have time or resources to monitor lines around the clock, or will we now actually have to handicap the games to try to predict an outcome for the Props we like.

This will add time to our busy schedule and the chances of winning (consistently) remain very much to be seen. I don't necessarily have a winning *system* for Props, per se, my M.O. is to simply bet the discrepancies between OLG lines and book lines. I will be the first to admit I have not been good enough to win $ off Pinny, Bet365, whatever books out there and if the new ProLine 2.0 takes the same approach then it will be back to the drawing board for me but we will see what happens next week.
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