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Originally Posted by b1llups View Post
I suck at Point Spread and most games lol.

Random question, how come you post picks for props but not Pro-Line/Point Spread? Obviously you’re not entitled to post anything, but why one and not the other if you play both ?
That is a fair question and my answer is very simple: For ProLine and PointSpread, I use a website designed by a super smart guy by the handle of ProLinePlayer (or PLP for short). You might have seen his name mentioned in various threads here over the years.

In a nutshell, his website compares OLG lines (for ProLine and PointSpread) against the book lines and I play the discrepancies. Other regular posters here (walks, zoola, red_falcon, etc just to name a few) also do the same thing so there is not much point for me/us to post our plays.

That and I/presumably the other guys can play several ProLine/PointSpread tickets throughout the day, basically whenever we spot values, so it is very challenging to post tickets on a daily basis.

Props is a different beast on its own. For starters, PLP does not have any calculations for NBA and NFL Props and only partial calculations for MLB Props so I have not relied on him when it comes to Props.

I like to post my Props tickets because I recognize there are different ways to skin the cat when it comes to Props and I hope to generate conversations/discussions. There are people who focus on the discrepancies, there are people who look at other angles to exploit e.g. trying to key a MLB player who is not in the starting lineup so I think it is important to post what I play and play what I post and I hope to learn from others as much as others learn from me.

Deciding on the right key and rotations can mean profit for the day/week and I personally think we all have a lot more to learn from each other, when it comes to Props, probably more so these days with constant lineup changes due to COVID and other factors beyond our control.

Hope that answers your question!
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