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Old 07-05-2018, 05:09 PM
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NFL Vs. the people

ESPN has gotten no smarter since a score of years ago when they let Rush Limbaugh go for the "just because he's black" quote. #7 et. al. have said what they are complaining about is police actions and inactions but this was not what people saw first and turned away in droves.

What ESPN and the networks will not come to grips with is that just because some black players claim that the flag represents only police but many others think the flag represents many good things that, especially on Independence Day epitomize what America is all about. If they are leaning towards Socialism, try the Vensualiun diet; most residents lost 25 pounds in the last two years.

Facebook banned the Declaration of Independence for "hate speech." Their sorry is not good enough. Here is the military oath [middle left out]:
"I, Kid Auburn, do solemnly swear that I will support and defend the Constitution of the United States against all enemies, foreign and domestic; ...So help me God." BUT MY OATH ENDS WITH ACTIVE DUTY Many people did not take this revised version.

The following is a powerful statement but Willie leaves out the biggest card. Any one of the base commanders in California can declare a location "OFF LIMITS". That could depopulate a stadium faster running out of beer.

July 5, 2018
President Trump and the NFL
By Willie Shields
Our veterans and active-duty military are being humiliated by participating in NFL-related activities. Our flag is being desecrated by an anti-American gang of crybabies, and our military is being forced to provide the props.

President Trump has weighed in. Review the tweets. He has made his position known very clearly. Talk is one thing, however, action another.

As commander-in-chief of all military forces, the president can order the military to cease participation in any and all NFL-sanctioned games, pageants, parades, half-time shows, and advertisements. No more flyovers. No more color guards marching the flag into NFL garbage dumps masquerading as stadiums. The president can declare that all NFL games and activities are off limits to all military personnel. He need not even pen an executive order.

In the Marine Corps, the words "I wish," when uttered by a senior officer, are to be taken as a direct order. The other services may require more direction. The point is, the action suggested here can be taken with a tweet, a phone call, or a suggestion at a White House cocktail party.

This idea is as money-saving as it is honor-protecting. Flyovers cost hundreds of thousands. Our military has more important priorities and can be used to greater effect and more efficiently. They could, for instance, be employed to guard the southern border with Mexico.

Most of the pageantry and military displays that we see at NFL games are paid for by the Pentagon with taxpayer funds. This is an outrageous subsidy to an already lucrative business. This should end.

The president should put the NFL on notice. No more will our proud military be forced to play straight man at your stadium clown shows. If you choose to allow your business to be dragged down the toilet by communist-influenced agitators and malcontents, we won't be going along for the ride.

Send the NFL a message. It is time to choose sides.

Willie Shields is a former U.S. Marine. Inquiries and comments: [email protected].
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Peace is good for business.
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