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Old 02-26-2021, 09:13 PM
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Originally Posted by PPM View Post
he's been president a month and he's already bombing shit. First its a facility with unknown casualties and probably not reported on truthfully. Next it'll be cities and civilian casualties and the left/liberals will praise Biden like they did Obama bombing and tearing apart the middle east.

Dilip Hiro is the author of “The Essential Middle East: A Comprehensive Guide”. His most recent book is “Apocalyptic Realm: Jihadists in South Asia,” published in April by Yale University Press, New Haven and London.


TURTLE ISLAND article March 28, 2017:
You can't trust the highly institutionalized, academic religion based person. Academic people are the new religion. An old world based occupation of mostly old world humans. Passive aggressive tactics(academics) are taught through a superiority complex-Americanism! Did you know the first established mechanisms for re-education camps were founded before governments.....Harvard-1600's.These old world institutionalists have been deciphering, disseminating new world knowledge (science, sustainability, equality, technology, constitutional theory like articles of confederation, etc.) Well before any established government, the ivy league is in of itself, a religion designed to produce direct and indirect violent human pawns/proxies/minions/"citizens" in order to construct a, populace that would displace, murder, seek materialism, superficiality all in the name of the 1% or false belief systems (americanism, capitalism) like "governments/banks/corporations/religion-academia" these false belief systems are designed to manipulate, subjugate, oppress, and confuse the masses.
Don't be surprised when the USA/Israel is directly behind the so called "partitioning" of Syria, in order for "Greater Israel" to take place. Blaming it on your opposition or controlled (Russia) opposition is obvious to free thinking humans!
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Old 03-02-2021, 01:11 PM
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This is Biden's America to a T

Whistleblower reveals poor food quality making Michigan National Guard members sick

Michigan National Guard soldiers served bad food while guarding U.S. Capitol

"A whistleblower is telling 7 Action News nearly 75 meals were thrown out Sunday after metal shavings were found, other meals showed up undercooked making soldiers sick.

A staff sergeant with the Michigan National Guard, whose identity 7 Action News is protecting, says the problem is not isolated.

“Yesterday, for instance, there were 74 different meals found with raw beef in them,” the sergeant said. "Just yesterday, the lunches were, soldiers had found metal shavings in their food.”

The food concerns going beyond quality – quantity is an issue as well. Breakfast is an example.

“You were getting maybe a Danish and some sort of juice," the sergeant said. "And then we had certain days where it was clearly a dinner role and Sunny D.”"

"In one message to a lawmaker, a soldier last month reported that meat served with lunch and dinner was almost always undercooked and sat in its packaging for hours before reaching the troops.

"Multiple soldiers have been getting sick and vomiting after eating, and most of the food is being thrown away," according to the message. "Morale is very bad; many have served overseas and cannot believe the quality of food they are being fed here."

Other complaints included lunch arriving many hours late, a lack of options for vegetarians, and breakfasts consisting of a piece of fruit and a hard roll without any protein.Vegetarians were instructed to remove the meat and to eat the sides served with the meals.
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