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Old 01-20-2021, 08:27 PM
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Just a few thoughts for today

Waited until dumb and dumber were over with today! These are my thoughts and no democrat will like them so don't fuckin read them!
There are so many thoughts that I probably won't get them all down.
But here goes!
Since the FBI is now saying the Capitol breakin was being planned long before Trump even decide to speak to the Rally, most lawyers I have talked
to say it would be damn hard to charge Trump with inciting it! I had friends
at the rally and they said there were people going around trying to get
people to commit to go to the capitol even before the speakers first began.
Plus it was all planned on Facebook and not even one little part was on
parler! Hope the Dems don't think we know how to communicate with each
other only on social media which they control! We were communicating
with each other long before those things and can and will do it again!

All the dire warnings about supposed violence today were bull shit and
the press know it. If you need 20,000 troops to protect you at your
swearing in and few people were allowed around you, you might not
be as popular as you say you are. I mean didn't the CNN media chairman
say the lights on the Mall were as if Bidens arms were embracing America!
Twitter and Facebook had at least a hundred posts of how many correspondents were wetting their pants and masturbating with joy!

Democrat Representative Steve Cohen says he has been in contact with the Biden team about purging the National Guard and the Military of all Trump
voters by declaring them right wing extremeist. This would allow them to
be discharged. He already has branded all Republican members of the
Guard as potential assassins of Biden! He used the example of Ghandi
and Sadat. That will put about 5 million or so trained combat
veterans back on the street.

With the press and at least 2 U S Congressman talking about re-education
and deprogaming of Trump voters, this is certainly the reunification of
the U S. the Democrats want. Lets see, could they be like the Xinjiang interment camps in China or help me out you Viet Nam Vets, like what happened to villages when the V C took over! They just killed all those
over 40, 10 and older were sent to labor camps and the children under
10 were taken to be taught to be V C Or maybe what happened to the
Montagnards after we left them to the Cong when we left and you just
eradicate the tribe. There are many Democrats who would like nothing
better than to eradicate all conservatives, all Republicans and probably
a lot of Christians!

Got a retired Gunney who lives in Honduras with his Honduran wife
and her family and he called me to tell me that Honduras had
emptied many of their jails to go with the caravan headed for the
U S. Ain't that a wonderful thought since they are going to be allowed
to come in at will.

Believe that our demise will come protecting our home! When they come,
hope they stop and get right with God. We already have!

Just a few of the thoughts of an old fart!
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Old 01-21-2021, 12:14 PM
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Dark days ahead OG. Semper Fi
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