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Old 04-11-2021, 06:39 PM
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Just a few thoughts for today

These are my thoughts! No Democrat, nor any Rhino, nor the capt will like
them so don't fuckin read them!
Little girl " Mama, why did a biological male win a Nevada Beauty Pageant?"
Mom, " Because despite whatever they say about girl or women power,
lying leftists would have you believe that men will always be better at
whatever you do, including being a Woman"!
Maybe I am wrong but didn't Biden take an oath on Jan 20 to uphold and defend the Constitution? Now he says he can change it whenever he wants and he does not have to go by it at all! The WH also says that the surge, which last week was not happening, is Trumps fault for not letting those
people in and making Biden have to allow it! And the press says YEP!
Incidentally, those Democrats who used to scream that Trump was lying
got to shut the fuck up, cause Biden lied about the Georgia lawThose who , got caught
by the press, then re-lied the same thing and now the press says must be
the truth cause Biden says so, even though they know its a lie and they
reported it as a lie! What scares the shit out of me is not that the press
lies to us, but how many of you dumbasses believe them!
CBS and 60 Minutes got caught in a lie about DeSantis, which even
the Democrats said was a lie, but are still claiming that its not a lie and
they continue to say it even after admitting it was a doctored bit!
Those who consistently find reasons to take offense are rarely happy
people! The difference between humans and animals, Animals would
never allow the dumbest of the herd to lead them! You can't cancel a
pipeline and restrict drilling and then claim you didn't cause gas prices to increase! Many on here said a lot of things bout Trump not serving in the
military. So Biden who was a 2 sport star through high school and a 4 year
starter at U. of Delaware football suddenly gets asthma as soon as he
graduates and gets 5 deferments during Viet Nam! The Democrats aren't
really asking for unity, they are demanding conformity! There is a huge
difference! We fought a revolution and worked our ass off to give you
people freedom and you sit back and give it away to terrorists posing
as a political party!
Just a friendly reminder to sane thinking folks out there! Hitler confiscated guns before killing over 13 million! Stalin confiscated guns before killing
over 20 million! Mao Zedong confiscated guns before killing over 45
million! Pol Pot confiscated guns before killing over 2 million! Please remember that when they come to get yours!
just the thoughts of an old fart!
Wait a minute! Buttigieg just announced that the interstate highways are
all racist! I am always disappointed when a liars pants don't actually catch on fire!
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