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Old 12-22-2022, 07:08 PM
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Just a thought or two for today

These are my thoughts, so if you don't like them who gives a fuck!
Well, Brandon did not pin a medal on his uncle's chest, no possible way he could
have, just another lie which was swallowed whole by the press till someone looked it up and shot that to hell! He also told a racial ethnic joke about the
Irish and claimed to be Italian! He said Kamala was taking care of the border
and look how true that was? It is absolutely crazy how much the press will
lick Brandons ass!
106.000 people died as a result of fentanyl overdoes this year,16% above last
year, which at that time was the record! Border Patrol has confiscated enough
of that drug to kill every man, woman and child in the U. S. and estimates
they only get 40% of it. Exploited women and children numbers are the
highest in history and TENS OF THOUSANDS OF ILLEGALS ARE arriving all
over the country every week! The numbers at the border of Texas, Arizona,
and California are fucking staggering and there is no end in sight! This is
no longer a sovereign nation ! And the Democrats are doing nothing to stop it!
Stanford published a list of the words you can no longer use! Included was American, Mother, Father, Son, Daughter, homeless, Illegals! WTF? Oberlin
College had to shell out 30 MILLION in the suit with the baker they wrongly
accused of racism ! Libraries in the north and west are now telling Kirk
Cameron and his little publishing company now, that it will be okay for them to come put on a book reading. Of course he will have to pay for the time,
time in storybook hours! Funny what a lawsuit threat and the public uprising
will do to a publicly funded facility!
My group of men that meet on Wednesday nights, some Dems, some Republicans, some like me Independents after a long night of talking have
decided that this country has not been this close to a civil war since the
last civil war! When the USMC says stop calling Drill Instructors SIR or
Mam when recruits talk to them,( There are 10 Marines out of 23 people)
we all agree this shit has gone way to far! I wish Donald would not run for
POTUS again as I believe Desantis has a great chance of winning! Trump is his own worst enemy! He never knows when to shut the fuck up!

This will be my last thoughts to publish till after Christmas Day, as I am going to spend the next few days with my family! I wish for all, even those
who do not like me, a safe and Merry Christmas! Enjoy your families as much
as possible and for a few days leave twitter and facebook to their own demise!
Just the thoughts of an old fart!
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Old 12-27-2022, 02:15 PM
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Tiger pray your family and you had a safe, healthy and happy Merry Christmas....Just stopped by to say I always enjoy your writeups and agree 100% until today....Trump will 100% get my vote for many reasons if he chooses to still run...He called out our crooked media and politicians on both sides...Almost 100% of him being attacked daily for years now has been totally made up or media twisted his words every which way but the right way.....He speaks and mad lately but every right to be....I'm not brainwashed by 24/7 propaganda and have sense enough to know this administration is as corrupt as any in the world...I could go on and on but wanted to say thanks for your write ups...Like yours, my opinion and really care less what anyone thinks....Happy New Year to your Family and you, Knock!!!
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Old 01-02-2023, 09:37 PM
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Spot on, as usual.
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