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wayne1218 03-29-2016 08:49 AM

Red Sox Talk
:saywhat: They are the Co Favorite in the East and the other team has it's own thread :saywhat:

I want to hear Red Sux at least once and 27 Championships too. I will be disappointed if both do not happen. I am also fine if I end up talking to myself in here too! :rofl

wayne1218 03-29-2016 08:52 AM

Rumor Central
The San Diego Padres were one of the teams that offered Pablo Sandoval a contract two winters ago before he signed with the Boston Red Sox. Is there still interest from the Padres in bringing Sandoval back to the west coast?

Nick Cafardo of the Boston Globe reports a Padres’ scout is in Fort Myers, Florida “taking a close look” at Sandoval, adding “it’s anyone guess” if the story goes beyond that.

The Padres are prepared to open the season with Yangervis Solarte at third base, and could be looking for an upgrade. G.M. A.J. Preller presumably would be looking for the Red Sox to absorb a large chunk of the $77.4 million left on his $95 million deal.

Cafardo notes the Padres have been open to trading veteran starter James Shields, who has about $65 million remaining on his deal. The Red Sox and Orioles have been both linked to Shields, who went 13-7 with a 3.91 ERA last season and allowed a major league-high 33 homers.

A key question here is how serious the Red Sox are about moving Sandoval, who was a two-time All-Star with the Giants before posting a .245/.292/.366 slash line in his first season in Boston. Sandoval also appeared to carrying more than a few extra pounds when he showed up at spring training last month.

mrhotpicks2 03-29-2016 08:58 AM

soooooo , cm has become us all creating threads about our favorite teams now?


oh and the sux sux

wayne1218 03-29-2016 08:59 AM

In a shocking turn of events, everyone says that Hanley looks great at 1B and his defense should not be a problem.

^^^ I will believe it when I see it. When Hanley comes to the park motivated, he is fine. When he starts looking around the ballpark like an autistic child, bad things happen.

Travis Shaw is the bright spot of Spring Training. He has been starting at 3B and he may open the season there, leaving Pablo expendable.

^^^ He finished last season very nicely at 1B and many thought he would end up there again when Hanley falls apart. He showed some power there too with 13 HR's in 65 games. He could be a 30+ HR guy over a full season.

wayne1218 03-29-2016 09:00 AM


Originally Posted by mrhotpicks2 (Post 7193102)
soooooo , cm has become us all creating threads about our favorite teams now?


oh and the sux sux

Yeah, the fan forum is gone so .... time for your Spankees thread too. :msh<

wayne1218 03-29-2016 09:04 AM

Shields scares the hell out of me. Pitching in Petco and giving up the most HR in baseball is a bad sign. Fly balls in Fenway will lead to about 45 HR's allowed.

wayne1218 03-29-2016 09:36 AM

Steven Wright

The Red Sox knuckleballer seemingly cemented his spot as the team’s No. 5 starter with a 5 2/3-inning outing, allowing one run on seven hits. He also struck out three and walked two while throwing 103 pitches in the Sox’ 5-1 win at JetBlue Park.

Wright, who lowered his Grapefruit League ERA to 2.66, will almost certainly take the place of the injured Eduardo Rodriguez to start the regular season. He had already beat out Henry Owens and Brian Johnson, and appears to have outlasted Roenis Elias, who was being transitioned to the bullpen over the past week.

Spring Training MVP ...

Jackie Bradley keeps on rolling.

The outfielder is making a late run to wrap up the MVP of the Red Sox spring training, surpassing Travis Shaw for the team’s batting average lead thanks to a two-run homer that lifted his average to .375. After going 0-for-3, Shaw stands at .367. Dustin Pedroia is also making a late charge, notching three more hits to raise his average to .341

Cali Roots 03-29-2016 09:43 AM

This thread will consist of post only by Wayne, Seattle Irish and MHP

wayne1218 03-29-2016 09:46 AM

and Cali Roots

JohnnyMapleLeaf 03-29-2016 09:53 AM

lol, nice!

I don't remember Red Sox talk taking over general mlb threads last year, but seems like a nice spot for Wayne to talk to himself all year! :)

Should be a nice battle in the East this year. Enjoy the season Wayne!

wayne1218 03-29-2016 09:56 AM


Originally Posted by JohnnyMapleLeaf (Post 7193169)
lol, nice!

I don't remember Red Sox talk taking over general mlb threads last year, but seems like a nice spot for Wayne to talk to himself all year! :)

Should be a nice battle in the East this year. Enjoy the season Wayne!

With the exchange rate, 1 post in here is equal to 1.31 in your thread! :rofl

mrhotpicks2 03-29-2016 10:04 AM

this thread smells like gay sex already , must be the title

wayne1218 03-29-2016 10:05 AM


Originally Posted by mrhotpicks2 (Post 7193187)
this thread smells like gay sex already , must be the title

You keep jumping in to experiment with it. You must be curious? <tup>

Dr Natty 03-29-2016 11:21 AM

Red Sox Talk 2016

wayne1218 03-29-2016 11:32 AM

Welcome to the party natty. List is growing cali! :msh<

Roma 03-29-2016 11:36 AM

for a reasonable amount of points I will contribute to this thread

ill play the villain. you need that in these type of threads

wayne1218 03-29-2016 11:42 AM

You already contributed Roma, thanks!

We have plenty of villains already :hw<

Dr Natty 03-29-2016 07:40 PM

wayne1218 03-29-2016 07:57 PM

Sorry to disappoint natty but it has been pretty quiet in Fort Myers for the last 8 hours. Thanks for the bump though! <tup>

walk066 03-29-2016 08:05 PM

I'm concerned about the team this year. I do think they will be better, but enough to contend? My comments below.

Price- Legit stud who is as advertised.
Buchholz- Has the potential to be an ace, but has been injury prone and inconsistent. The Sox need him to be healthy.
Kelly- The wild card. Improved at the end of last year and looked good in spring training, so he needs to continue to pitch like that.
Porcello- Absolute garbage. Terrible Cherington signing.
Wright- Hopefully he can get a few wins until Rodriguez comes back.
Bullpen- Kimbrel is the anchor, but questions outside of that. Need Carson Smith to get healthy.

Betts- Legit All-Star caliber player who is an all around athlete.
Pedrioa- Creeping up there in age and I'm worried his body has too much wear and tear. Still though, guy is all heart and leaves it out there.
Xander- Hitting is there, needs to come into his power.
Ortiz- Last year, but still should give 30/100. Will be hard to replace.
Ramirez- Stiff
Holt- Great utility who earned the start in LF
Bradley Jr- Top notch defender, but bat is hit or miss
Swihart- This might be a breakout year. Young enough to improve.
Shaw- He needs to start ASAP. Great young hitter!

I'd like to have high expectations this year, but some holes after Price and bullpen concerns. Hitting should be up near the top assuming Sandoval doesn't start!

wayne1218 03-31-2016 05:21 PM

Announced today: Travis Shaw wins 3B job. Fatso millionaire Sandoval benched. What a great signing that was!

wayne1218 03-31-2016 06:16 PM

Dombrowski told Farrell to put his best lineup on the field and do not base it on payroll. I agree with that but now they have $28 million riding the pine to start the season with Rusney Castillo and Fatso Sandoval <::> :arow>

hooks26 03-31-2016 06:16 PM

Red Sox Talk 2016
Did Sam Travis make the opening day Roster?

wayne1218 03-31-2016 06:21 PM

Sam will be in Portland or Pawtucket this season

SharpTORONTO 04-01-2016 12:02 AM

Who's their second starter? Don't say Buch.

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