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Dr. Jack 07-06-2016 01:51 PM

NFL Best Damn Capper Rules
2016/2017 NFL Annual Season Contest

Welcome to our 15th annual season long NFL best damn handicapper contest. Please read the rules.

Please register in the below thread

Please use this thread for Rules, Questions & Answers only. All other posts will be moved or deleted.

• You must be registered in the Cappers Mall forums
• One entry/ip per person
• Contest will start with the first reg season game and end with the last regular season game
• Only NFL plays (sides and totals) will be allowed
• Each contestant must select three plays per week.
• Less than 3 plays submitted will constitute a loss for every pick under 3.
• Each contestant is allowed three weekends to not select plays (pass) without penalty. After 3 passes – you will be DQ from prizes
• Leaders may not pass on the last week of contest. For the last 3 weeks of the contest, I may allow plays to be posted to me privately as an option which I will post at the deadline. These picks will be posted when games tip off.
• Only plays entered in the correct contest thread will be counted. You may only post once per week. Use all three of your games in one post. The deadline for posting picks is 1:00 PM Sunday. Later posts will not count. If you start a new thread with your picks or post it in the wrong place it may be deleted. You must post in the contest thread.
• Each play will be worth 110/100
• This contest will be the regular season only
• Threads will be started for the week every Wednesday and lines will be from Wednesday lines and will not change. Everyone will use the same lines

]You MUST post the team name clearly (avoid abbreviations) with the listed odds posted with your pick. The weekly deadline for picks in this contest is 1:00PM EST and all picks must be made at same time.

• Cappers Mall and/or scorekeeper will be the official judge of this contest.
• Each week will end after the Monday Night football game of the week.
• Standings will be kept weekly and will be posted every Tuesday
• If you select a game where the line has not been posted yet - you agree to whatever line ends up being posted. This may not be changed.

*** Please note this change *** - The lines are posted and do not change. Some times you may get a better line or maybe a worse line depending on when you play. This part will not change. In the event there is a huge event that changes line significantly (example Aaron Rodgers out on Saturday). This will be solely my call and will not be the case in most situations. As in past years there is stale lines but we will fix these rare situations when line is really out of whack.

1st: Sony Xperia Tablet S + 50,000 reward points
2nd: Amazon Echo + 25,000 reward points
3rd: Apple TV or Roku equiv + 10,000 reward points
4th: $100 gift card (several to choose from + 5,000 reward points
5th: $50 gift card + 3,000 reward points
6th: $25 gift card + 2,000 reward points
7th: $10 gift card + 1,000 reward points
8th - 10th: 1,000 reward points
11th - 20th: 500 reward points
Last place (eligible only): $25 gift card + 1,000 reward points

BONUS PRIZES: On random weeks I will announce bonus prizes for going 3-0 and other neat things. These will be in weeks 2, 7 and 15 plus a few other random weeks. This will be announced in the weekly picks thread

You must be an active poster in our regular forums for the duration of contest to receive full prizes. An active posters participates in threads in any of our forums excluding contests and good luck. Inactive winners will win 25% value of the listed prize.

In the case of long time posters/members, prizes may be exchanged out for a prize equal or lesser value if available

wayne1218 07-25-2016 07:22 AM

Awesome prizes jack!!! <tup>

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