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whodi 12-30-2018 12:03 PM

YES!!!!!Canes coach Mark Richt just retired
Thank you!!

whodi 12-30-2018 12:06 PM

Dear Hurricane Family:

A few hours ago, I informed UM Director of Athletics Blake James that it is time for me to retire from coaching so I am stepping down as the Head Coach of UM Football. The decision came after a great deal of thought, discussions with my family, and prayer. This was my decision.

The University of Miami has been a part of my life for more than three decades. It shaped me as a young man and provided me with the coaching opportunity of a lifetime. My love for The U is simply great. My true desire is for our football program to return to greatness, and while terribly difficult, I feel that stepping down is in the best interests of the program.

I want to express my sincere appreciation to the entire Hurricane Family for welcoming me back home and for supporting the outstanding young men in our program. I only wish that we could have achieved greater things in return. I also want to thank President Frenk and Blake for their incredible support, as well as the outstanding men and women in UM Athletics. Most importantly, I want to thank the incredible coaches, staff, and their families who gave their all to The U each and every day, and our student-athletes, who wore The U jersey with pride and who worked hard towards their degree.

Katharyn and I will be cheering on the Canes in the years to come and The U will never leave our hearts.


Mark Richt

More details to come.

fat-freddie 12-30-2018 12:17 PM

Hell, Saban will hire him :eek: and run him through the car wash, clean and shine him up, off he will go somehere else in a year or two, LOL <::>

cman 12-30-2018 12:23 PM

Miami coach Mark Richt retires after disappointing third season with Hurricanes -

I have great respect for Coach Richt. Too my knowledge always did it the right way. First, from the Bowden Coaching tree

Classy guy


fat-freddie 12-30-2018 01:01 PM

Miami should go after Cristobal at Oregon, the man is one hell of a recruiter down in Florida. He did a hell of a job for Bama when he was there covering south Florida. Really liked this guy when he was O line coach for the Tide <yup<

cman 12-30-2018 02:19 PM

If I was Miami I would go after Heupel up the road

If Auburn cuts ties with CGM next year after another disappointing season and a thrashing by your team FF...that is who I would want


New York Knight 12-30-2018 02:29 PM

Miami would have to pay a $10 million buyout to bring Cristobal home ...
buyout drops to $6 million after the 2020 season and $4 million after 2021

Butch Davis might not finish his career at FIU after all .......

dale88 12-30-2018 03:14 PM

Hello Lane Kiffin

Steeler82 12-30-2018 03:35 PM

Richt is done. He may go into TV as well as he is liked. I say he never coaches again.

tigerbait 12-30-2018 09:01 PM

Too bad they let Manny get away!!

soonerkent 12-30-2018 09:07 PM

I'd go after Mike Leach. He has always won at tough places, Lubbock and Pulman. He'd kill it in Miami with all the athletes they can recruit and his offense has evolved to a more reasonable 60/40 Pass/Run. His defensive schemes have improved greatly also. Won't happen but I'd become a fan for sure....

New York Knight 12-30-2018 10:50 PM

Manny Diaz will be taking over

Too bad Temple



tigerbait 12-30-2018 11:03 PM

Just read that!! Never even signed his Temple contract. Just agreed in principal.

New York Knight 12-30-2018 11:09 PM

Miami required to pay his $4 million buyout to Temple

fat-freddie 12-31-2018 07:28 AM

Ouch, feel for the Temple fans on this one :eek: Would have been a good hire <::>

Southern Boy 12-31-2018 10:42 AM

Miami AD needs to hire someone that can bring discipline to the program

Southern Boy 12-31-2018 10:44 AM

...nice PR move. 100% he was FIRED.

New York Knight 01-02-2019 08:08 PM

Louisiana Tech DC Blake Baker has been hired as Miami’s defensive coordinator.

Baker was on Diaz’s staff back when the two were at both Texas and LA Tech together and just coached the #32 defense in the country at LA Tech in 2018

New York Knight 01-03-2019 04:28 PM

Major Applewhite will be named the new offensive coordinator

In all honesty not thrilled about this move ...

New York Knight 01-11-2019 12:08 PM

Manny Diaz has his guy ...

Alabama’s OC to be Dan Enos will instead take the OC job at Miami

Lends more credence to the “Jalen Hurts to Miami” narrative

fat-freddie 01-11-2019 12:14 PM

Hate this hire for Miami but Enos is a good man. Sure as hell hate to lose this guy, he is a great QB coach <tup> and was looking forward to him being Bama's OC next year. Congrats to Miami fans, he will do a good job with your QB's for sure !!!!

New York Knight 01-11-2019 01:16 PM

Diaz said Enos turned down SEC jobs to become OC at Miami.

He said Enos was his first choice all along.

fat-freddie 01-11-2019 02:33 PM

Hate we lose him but rather see him in Miami as to Georgia !! He is a sharp guy and knows his shit, a big get for Miami, hope he does well <tup>

fat-freddie 01-11-2019 02:55 PM


Originally Posted by New York Knight (Post 8334190)
Manny Diaz has his guy ...

Alabama’s OC to be Dan Enos will instead take the OC job at Miami

Lends more credence to the “Jalen Hurts to Miami” narrative

Jalen will be there Sunday for a visit, he and Enos are buddies, "CHIT" !!!!!!!

New York Knight 01-15-2019 10:53 PM

Per sources, Bishop Gorman grad, and Ohio St. backup QB Tate Martell will be transferring to the University of Miami

Official announcement coming Wednesday ...

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