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wayne1218 01-15-2019 09:31 PM

CM Sportsbook (New Rules/Limits)
Welcome to the CappersMall Reward Points Sportsbook. Play your rewards points like real money to earn more points!

For real betting action visit any of these reputable sportsbooks listed here:

Rules must be followed or wagers will be voided and you may be banned from the book

Rules for placing a CM Sportsbook wager:

1. Lines from 5dimes or Bookmaker must be listed
2. Rotation number must be listed
3. Sport listing helps but is not required
4. Risk/Win amounts must be listed
5. 3 Teams maximum in Teaser & Parlay wagers
6. Deadline - is used to score the book. No wager will be accepted after the listed start time on that site for each game. Even if a game is delayed for some reason, the listed start time is set in stone. If it is a minute past, your wager will be voided. If a game is not listed at scoresandodds, it will be voided.

5,000 point minimum risk/win on wagers
You must wager at least 5,000 on dogs
You must wager at least 5,000 to win on favorites

I bumped the min. risk/win to 5,000 because we have over 100 people here now with 50,000 or more points. It's like having $50 and betting $1 on a game. There are also too many people with 100,000/200,000/300,000 points making 5, 10, or 15 1,000 point wagers in a day and to be honest it gets pretty annoying. I have scored this book for about 500 days in a row now and it is a thankless job at times. Hopefully this change limits the action a little and it gets people to post only serious wagers and not half the games on the board.

50,000 maximum risk for any wager

Games must be played on the day you post

Do not send points. I will add and deduct them as i score each wager

Sports available for wagering:

Arena Football

Straight Wagers, Parlays, Teasers & Team Totals Only

Teasers - If you use the reduced odds option, you must list the reduced odds with the wager

If you are copying a wager from someone else and using it as your own, you MUST post current odds or it will be void. You also must type it as your own. Do not quote it and say i want this

Full game wagers only. No halftime, 1st 5 inning, qtr. or period wagering

In MLB, all plays are considered action if no pitchers are listed in your post. This includes RL & Total wagers as long as the game is completed. We do not have time to check post times and times when a pitching change was made. Unlike 5dimes RL's & Totals will count even if a pitching change was made if you do not have any listed.

No future bets

No prop bets

No Preseason or Exhibition wagers accepted

CM reserves the right to make any final decisions on anything not mentioned above

The information contained at this site is for entertainment purposes only. Any use of this information in violation of any federal, state or local law is prohibited. 2000 - 2015 All rights reserved.

AuburnKid 01-16-2019 02:21 PM

With the old thread closed, is this the new thread? If so, I want:

1/16/2019 7:00 PM College Basketball

787 Auburn -6 -110 vs Texas A&M
Risking 11,000 To Win 10,000


wayne1218 01-16-2019 03:47 PM

Yes, right place AK. And I like it. It was a lot lower this morning though. Line went up

AuburnKid 01-16-2019 04:06 PM

Yes, I got it at -5 but at a F site. So I did not want to post the name. bookmaker was -6 then.

Why am I betting at my F site? It has $12,500 left of a $22,000 credit balance. About once a month or so I get a $1945 check so I make a few $50 bets (my limit now) with them.

checkers 01-16-2019 05:58 PM

nba 5dimes

Bet 5500/5000
#532 Houston Rockets -5 -110

papa bear 01-16-2019 06:28 PM


805 Dayton +4 (-110,5dimes) 5500/5000

AuburnKid 01-17-2019 05:33 AM

640 Gonzaga -23-110

22,000 to win 20,000

secondbase 01-17-2019 11:42 AM

five dimes
634 Nebraska plus 1.5

5500 for 5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 04:42 PM



601 Florida Atlantic/Marshall Under 157-110

5500 to win 5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 04:43 PM



695 Murray St/Eastern Illinois Over 147.5-110

5500 to win 5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 04:44 PM



639 Loyola Marymount/Gonzaga Over 146.5-110

5500 to win 5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 04:45 PM



647 Hawaii/CS Northridge Over 149.5-110

5500 to win 5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 04:46 PM



549 Bulls/Denver Over 213-110

5500 to win 5000

sailfish 01-17-2019 06:18 PM

Bookmaker NCAAB
# 644 Arizona ML -260 39,000/15,000

sailfish 01-17-2019 06:20 PM

Bookmaker NCAAB
#640 Gonzaga -23 -105 10,500/10,000

Bisket 01-17-2019 07:13 PM

nba 549

Bulls +14.5 -110 5500/5000


papa bear 01-17-2019 07:52 PM


644 Arizona -245 (ML, 5dimes) 12250/5000

vikesfan 01-17-2019 07:55 PM



640 Gonzaga -23.5 -110

5500 to win 5000

644 Arizona ML -245

12250 to win 5000

wayne1218 01-18-2019 05:41 AM


papa bear 01-18-2019 01:36 PM


852 Ohio State -3 (-120,5dimes) 6000/5000

secondbase 01-18-2019 04:26 PM

five dimes
Columbus number 48

7500 for 5000

checkers 01-18-2019 05:59 PM

nba 5dimes

Bet 5500/5000
#554 Orlando Magic -2 -110

wayne1218 01-18-2019 10:54 PM


Killykill 01-19-2019 08:08 AM

NCAAB 5 Dimes

618 Wisconsin GB -3 (-110)


secondbase 01-19-2019 12:50 PM

ncaa hoops

five dimes
718 iowa state money line

45000 for 5000

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