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ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 12:35 PM

March madness thread 151 ***
sorry about the thurs post i am just going to run 1 thread throughout all the tourneys ...easier

550949790-1 3/21/19 1:27pm $120.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 2:00pm College Basketball 763 Vermont +9 -120* vs Florida State
550949790-2 3/21/19 1:27pm $165.00 $150.00 Pending 3/21/19 1:30pm College Basketball 781 New Mexico State/Auburn Over 145 -120*
550949790-3 3/21/19 1:27pm $105.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 1:30pm College Basketball 782 Auburn 1st Half -3 -105* vs New Mexico State

3-2 tues

3-1 wed
see what today brings 151

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 12:38 PM

well i havent had alot of time been busy but i wish id have seen everyone on louisville today ... and i see belmont is a fav amongst a bunch , ...

gl everyone 151 lets make some money , by reading the public

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 12:44 PM

the over in this auburn game not looking good but new mexico st the line looked too easy at -5.5 6 way too easy i fell for -3 1st half, cause ive bet them 1st half alot but new mex st looking good, and i havent seen 1 nm st bet or any minnesota plays

Slabshack 03-21-2019 12:45 PM

Best of Luck!

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 03:55 PM

Showing Wagers 1 - 4 of 4 <tup>
Ticket Accepted Date Risk To Win Status Wager
551004831-1 3/21/19 4:51pm $150.00 $588.80 Pending 5 Team Teaser (ties win) T tw 6nfl 6½fb & 5bk
Pending 3/21/19 7:20pm College Basketball 757 Saint Mary's CA +9 * vs Villanova
Pending 3/21/19 4:30pm College Basketball 761 Murray State +8 * vs Marquette
Pending 3/21/19 7:25pm College Basketball 785 Fairleigh Dickinson/Gonzaga Over 147½ *
Pending 3/21/19 7:00pm College Basketball 796 Hampton -3½ * vs St Francis BKN
Pending 3/21/19 8:00pm College Basketball 892 UL Monroe +2 * vs Kent State

551004277-1 3/21/19 4:47pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 4:30pm College Basketball 761 Murray State/Marquette Over 154 -110* <yup<

551004277-2 3/21/19 4:47pm $55.00 $50.00 Pending 3/21/19 9:40pm College Basketball 770 Wofford Over 73 -110* vs Seton Hall
551004277-3 3/21/19 4:47pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:10pm College Basketball 771 Abilene Christian/Kentucky 1st Half Over 62 -110*

2-0-1 today pushed on auburn-3 1st half stupid too they had that at 6 for awhile and they score at the end to get within 3 ,,, coulda swept......8-3-1 so far in this tourney season gl all

lets make some money guys ..... im trying too:smoker:

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 04:09 PM

dont care if anyone believes me or not my last few days have been hectic, but i bet Bradley +18.5 i had them every game of their tourney and i had them at decent odds to win their conf tourney and then i bet them today ..nothing major 1.5 units but i like riding teams , and was reading something where some vegas books took a few bets on bradley to win the tourney at 5000-1 i think it was....but i like riding teams if ya follow you know that ,,, had them bet but was posting all through the day as i will...i had to take off for a bit and forgot to post them not cover down 6 :eyesr

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 04:35 PM

going with these plays as many know i like playing over/unders on team points alot, hey it's all handicapping bro ]{ i will be having a few nickel plays this weekend wich is about as high as i go in hoops i could go more , but that tops it out for me maybe final four go a dime if it looks right .. widdle it down trying to get about 9 grand more back got plenty in there , but I WANT MINE BACK!!!
:fth< 8-3-1 so far 1-0 on teasers

551013289-1 3/21/19 5:29pm $115.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:20pm College Basketball 757 Saint Mary's CA 1st Half +2½ -115* vs Villanova

551013289-2 3/21/19 5:29pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:25pm College Basketball 785 Fairleigh Dickinson 1st Half Over 27½ -110* vs Gonzaga

551013289-3 3/21/19 5:29pm $57.50 $50.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:25pm College Basketball 785 Fairleigh Dickinson (1st 10 min)/Gonzaga (1st 10 min) 1st Half Over 35½ -115*

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 04:46 PM

abiline christian i am going to have to at least watch this team once, i have bet them alot this year and i know they did real well for me i think i was like 7-1-1 on them and the one push was the perfect storm ending , when there were a few others getting hard endings and losing that night and most attention was on those that lost but AC was up 7 and were getting 1 with 44 seconds left and ended up pushing and never got a shot till 2 sec's left after ft's because of 2 to's and they gave up 2 offensive rebounds when other team missed ft's ...that is sad when your up 7 and 44 seconds left and your team cannot even take a shot... and you give up 8 points and lose by 1 , but i made it back next game they won big and on the revenge play against that team it was a bigger play for me that i put out , my revenge goy lol but never seen them play <yup<

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 04:50 PM

well CONGRATS TO ALL BELMONT BACKERS IT WASNT EASY thats the 1st everyone almost on same team that covered we had louisville, and Auburn went down , belmont covers by 1 ......almost a sweep of them ...i dont care what people say pay attention when about 90% are on 1 side they rarely win even look at who likes what in here and if its everyone almost should go opposite way ...again congrats to all who won <tup>
551022800-1 3/21/19 5:50pm $55.00 $50.00 Pending 3/21/19 4:30pm College Basketball 761 Murray State 2nd Half Over 39 -110* vs Marquette

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 05:34 PM

florida/nevada stats
here are some of the new systems they are using for stats that my buddysa have a web site many of you maybe know of it they have any stat you want , any trends even trends that are diff, and they have other stuff for a member, free membership to and a pay one i advise nothing, but its good for stats trends and each players stats, everything you need to handicapp Offensive Stat Comparison
fla left nevada right ..i see an UNDERR Here ya got nevada shooting 46.7% and fla giving up 42.4% and florida only shoots 42% and nevada only gives up 40% those are 2 good defensive teams so maybe 88-78?? lmao no jk id say 69-62

Points/Game 68.3 80.7
Avg Score Margin +4.6 +14.0
Assists/Game 12.2 15.0
Total Rebounds/Gm 33.6 37.4
Effective FG % 49.9% 54.1%
Off Rebound % 29.5% 24.9%
FTA/FGA 0.303 0.407
Turnover % 15.4% 12.7%
Defensive Stat Comparison
Opp Points/Game 63.6 66.7
Opp Effective FG % 48.4% 47.6%
Off Rebounds/Gm 9.1 8.0
Def Rebounds/Gm 21.3 26.8
Blocks/Game 3.7 3.9
Steals/Game 7.2 6.2
Personal Fouls/Gm 17.1 17.1
here are fla/nevada just the basic overview ..nevada is to the left on this one to the left
like nevada shoots the 2pt at 55.1% and florida gives up at 48.7%
aand then bottom is opposite florida shooting vs nevadas def
Free Throw % 70.8% (#172) 69.0% (#86) Opp Free Throw %
Three Point % 35.1% (#134) 32.0% (#50) Opp Three Point %
Two Point % 55.1% (#25) 48.7% (#110) Opp Two Point %
Shooting % 46.6% (#54) 42.3% (#81) Opp Shooting %
Shooting Efficiency 1.147 (#33) 1.039 (#75) Opp Shooting Efficiency
FGM/Game 27.4 (#50) 22.4 (#26) Opp FGM/Game
FGA/Game 58.9 (#108) 53.0 (#27) Opp FGA/Game
3PM/Game 8.8 (#60) 6.4 (#40) Opp 3PM/Game
3PA/Game 25.2 (#64) 20.1 (#68) Opp 3PA/Game
FTM/Game 17.0 (#16) 12.3 (#98) Opp FTM/Game
FTA/Game 24.0 (#14) 17.9 (#120) Opp FTA/Game

FLORIDA TO THE LEFT HERE it shows one teams offense b=vs what the others defense gives up if ya catch my drift

Effective FG % 49.9% (#212) 47.6% (#39) Opp Effective FG %
FTA/FGA 0.303 (#255) 0.276 (#39) Opp FTA/FGA
Free Throw % 71.8% (#135) 67.2% (#28) Opp Free Throw %
Three Point % 33.5% (#221) 33.4% (#116) Opp Three Point %
Two Point % 49.7% (#200) 45.9% (#25) Opp Two Point %
Shooting % 42.7% (#253) 40.9% (#32) Opp Shooting %
Shooting Efficiency 1.059 (#228) 1.007 (#25) Opp Shooting Efficiency
FGM/Game 23.9 (#270) 24.0 (#84) Opp FGM/Game
FGA/Game 56.1 (#249) 58.6 (#215) Opp FGA/Game
3PM/Game 8.1 (#122) 7.8 (#196) Opp 3PM/Game
3PA/Game 24.4 (#85) 23.4 (#243) Opp 3PA/Game
FTM/Game 12.2 (#260) 10.8 (#28) Opp FTM/Game
FTA/Game 17.0 (#271) 16.2 (#38) Opp FTA/Game

nevada worries me, people are on them i kinda like them but this team was real good early then never got what i called in SYNC ..fla has the offensive reb adv, assist nev, turnovers nevada an advantage ,efeective fg % huge adv nevada
but they have every stat on 2 pts 3 pts just checkit out if ya want , i use 3 of them , but i have known these guys a \long time and they are very thourough
....back in the vegas days i ran around with the one kids dad alot, decent capper, but his son was at stanford, and they started doing this as they were also booking i but they ran stats and have done a good job in my opinion ...heres a thing about them not promoting anything just a site to use its free

Launched from a Stanford University dorm room in 2000, TeamRankings has grown from a math geek's passion project into the web's #1 source for algorithmic sports predictions and data.

We currently publish over 200,000 pages of projections, stats, rankings, and odds. Thousands of sports bettors and office pool players use our premium services to get an edge, and our data is referenced by the country's top sports media outlets.

Whether you watch, wager on, or work in sports, TeamRankings provides the numbers you need to get smart about the game.

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 05:54 PM

seton hall

im on SETON HALL it looks weird i feel everyone will like wofford and rightfully i can understand, im impressed with seton halls big east tourney they played losing championship by a basket and winning some good game emotion will be big, maybe SETON HALL being a dog here wakes them up ...i could go either way ..and i do have wofford over team pts because i bet that just by looking no capping, but my capping says if ya like seton hall most likely you want a 60's game maybe 73-72 but wofford wins its in the 80's upper 80's not sure seton hall likes games un that area..i think they are more comfortable in the 60's very low 70's but they did beat VILL 81-79 then 79-75 81 vs creighton in a win and 90 i think vs georgetown so they can go there and when they do??? they win mostly did lose 97-93 depaul

Showing Wagers 1 - 9 of 9
Ticket Accepted Date Risk To Win Status Wager
551039725-1 3/21/19 6:43pm $220.00 $200.00 Pending 3/21/19 9:40pm College Basketball 769 Seton Hall +3 -110* vs Wofford

its a gamble but isnt everything??<wd>

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 05:55 PM

ty Murray st that basket got me over team pts 2nd half ..and i get my 1st loser today with the over murray st game going under damnit

551046397-1 3/21/19 7:00pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:00pm College Basketball 795 St Francis BKN/Hampton 1st Half Over 74 -110*
just putting these in also
551046397-2 3/21/19 7:00pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 8:00pm College Basketball 891 Kent State/UL Monroe 1st Half Over 73 -110*


ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 06:07 PM

doing a team pts parlay

551048198-1 3/21/19 7:02pm $75.00 $450.00 Pending 3 Team Parlay
Pending 3/21/19 7:45pm College Basketball 757 Saint Mary's CA Over 61 -110* vs Villanova
Pending 3/21/19 9:40pm College Basketball 769 Seton Hall Over 71 -110* vs Wofford
Pending 3/21/19 9:20pm College Basketball 780 Michigan Over 72 -110* vs Montana

montana gives up about 70 a game and scores 76 michigan i think can get 72 or more seton hall i think does for sure and st. marys has to and the line dropped to 3.5 in st marys money coming in

551050983-1 3/21/19 7:06pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 9:40pm College Basketball 769 Seton Hall Over 71 -110* vs Wofford

:wgt gl 151 so mad i didnt get on murray st

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 06:20 PM

swear all that info on fl/nevada game and i bet nothing...nevada just too inconsistant ...

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 07:08 PM

3-1-1 so far me personally when the spreads get to about 16-18 in the 20's i tend to layoff ... ill bet team pts over under just never cared for those spreads i know like in fb fav's would do well but i lay off personally

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 07:51 PM

551070361-1 3/21/19 8:48pm $55.00 $50.00 Pending 3/21/19 7:45pm College Basketball 757 Saint Mary's CA 2nd Half +3 -110* vs Villanova

gl all 151

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 09:53 PM

well started ok getting me now and just hoping seton hall gets a little run here early 1st 5 mins

and going over 31 1st 10 min michigan <tup>

Ticket Accepted Date Risk To Win Status Wager
551116933-1 3/21/19 10:50pm $50.00 $57.50 Pending 3/21/19 9:40pm College Basketball 769 Seton Hall (1st 5 min) 2nd Half -½ +115* vs Wofford (1st 5 min)
551116477-1 3/21/19 10:49pm $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/21/19 9:20pm College Basketball 779 Montana (1st 10 min)/Michigan (1st 10 min) 2nd Half Over 31 -110* <yup<

well so much for a run by seton

ONE51RUM 03-21-2019 11:13 PM

going to break my bets down to side plays 1st half and game, and over unders 1st half and game those are what others can play usually and so ill keeo track of those primarily and post them together and my team pts and stiff seperate

so far since tues
FD w
over FD w
Vermont w
st marys 1st half w
aub 1st half push
over auburn w
ul monroe 1st half over w

seton hall loser
over murray st loser
over hampton 1st half loser
st mary 2nd half +3 loser
temple loser
iupui over 87 2nd half loser just 7-6 so far on side plays ::h

today i was 8-8 and finally i get to study tonight:others2:

ONE51RUM 03-22-2019 01:04 AM

IOWA/CINNCY cinncy-4 137.5 team pts c-70 I- 67
cinncy-4 137.5 team pts iowa 67 cinncy 70.5
1st half cinn-2 o/u 63 team pts cinn-32 iowa 31

below i put just some of the stats i get ,,,,one thing cinncy has a huge edge on offensive rebounds wich leads to extra shots, and i havent bet on or against iowa this yr i dont think ill have to look up my breakdown of games and see if i have one on them ...but i have Cinncy who i do favor here just off the top.... one way to look at this game , with Iowa avg 78 pts and cinncy 71, but cinncy giving up only 62 pts a game compared to 73-74 for iowa, and if ya look at 1s half scoring iowa avging 38 points and cinncy def gives up 28, that will be your TELL,,haltime score guess that if iowa gets 34, its going there way , if they are held to like 30 or less then its a cinncy pace , i love cinncinatis Defense, i was on them right away after houston held on to beat memphis, that little let up by Houston showed me right there that CINNCY was going to get them that day, and when Cinncy plays like that they are real tuff, my write up on that game was perfect, went as planned, and i dont know why that was it , but it was something, and i do like HOUSTON -12, i just hope they got that shit straightened out, thats 1 game and about 8 mins of game before where they looked like shit, glad i only bet them 1st half vs memphis big that day and smaller for game, that could be another ecenerio today on that game again...anyway back to cinncy/iowa
ya got the 10% offensib=ve rebound advantage for cinncy,
iowa makes 26 shots out of 57 attempts on avg and cinncy gives up just 21.7 of 53.4 and cinncy makes 24.8 or 25 out of 57 and iowa gives up 27/60 attempts ...IOWA 3pt 8/22 and CINN gives up 8/22 cinn makes 6.6/19 iowa der allows 8/25....STEALS theres an advantage to CINN iowa gets 6.4 a game while cinn gives up 3.9 Cinn gets 6.7 steals and iowa gib=ves up 6.8 ..
THEY both commit about 16 fouls a game ....LAST meeting ever was in 2005 cinncy won 74-64 cinn was -3
POWER Rankings all go to CINNCY exceept maybe past schedule strength , LAST 10 games cinncy has a 11.4 and IOWA has a 6.6 ..NEUTRAL games a very slight edge to iowa...NON CONF games iowa a 13 cinn a 15 and 1st half iowa is a 7.2 cinncy a 7.1..i look at this 2nd half power rating(season) where iowa has a 4.6 and cinncy a 9.5 #35 in the country , all the stats i use they have a ranking number after it for ranked in the ncaa ..CONSISTANCY rating where lower is better IOWA 11.2 #283 CINN 9.4 #96 like vs top 25 teams IOWA Is a 9.4 #65 and CINN is a 10.8 #47 ... im just throwing this out there im not sure what others even look at or if they look at anything , people say its boring, but if you love it, and ya know it its not and you can make good coin if you can maintain your plays ..and yes you can guess and do ok on a game consistantly though id say no eventually it will get you, people can go on little 4-1 3-0 4-2 days then it comes eventually, and all cappers i believe when hot can do well but some guys may understand this, when you all of a sudden go 1-3 0-4 1-2 1-3 you do start to ? things, 2nd guessing yourself sometimes ...i was told even if your game loses as long as the capping was right stay on form that means if you have 3 losses by 1 point(like i always do)..yes ya lost but if ya read play by play and it was a collapse or bad beat you still capped it right, now if you lay 3 and lose by 25 well YA FUCKED UP!! lol ..for me todays seton hall game ..they came back and it was i think 66-65 seton hall with like 3.5 mins left then the bottom fell my view that wasnt a bad capping job, they were in it right then and were never down more than 10 in the game, i capped that seton hall 1st 5 mins would be - .5 at +115 and right away first basket of 2nd half was a 3 pter by wofford, and i thought WHAT?,,i was counting on a seton hall early run, well after that basket they did and i won that bet
551158162-1 3/22/19 1:00am $360.00 $300.00 Pending 3/22/19 12:15pm College Basketball 806 Cincinnati -3 -120* vs Iowa
Totals: $360.00 $300.00 :wgt
bought down from 3.5

gl all 151:eyesr

Offensive Stat Comparison
Points/Game 78.3 71.7
Avg Score Margin +4.7 +9.5
Assists/Game 15.7 13.4
Total Rebounds/Gm 35.7 36.2
Effective FG % 52.6% 49.0%
Off Rebound % 28.5% 35.8%
FTA/FGA 0.423 0.381
Turnover % 15.0% 13.5%
Defensive Stat Comparison
Opp Points/Game 73.6 62.2
Opp Effective FG % 51.6% 48.1%
Off Rebounds/Gm 9.0 10.9
Def Rebounds/Gm 24.0 22.2
Blocks/Game 3.3 4.5
Steals/Game 6.2 6.2
Personal Fouls/Gm 16.0 16.0

all other stats
Iowa vs Cincinnati Overall
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Points/Game 78.3 (#40) 62.2 (#11) Opp Points/Game
Avg Score Margin +4.7 (#70) -9.5 (#25) Opp Avg Score Margin
Assists/Game 15.7 (#23) 11.0 (#34) Opp Assists/Game
Total Rebounds/Gm 35.7 (#132) 31.0 (#18) Opp Total Rebounds/Gm
Assists/FGM 0.602 (#17) 0.506 (#131) Opp Assists/FGM
Assists/Turnover 1.294 (#40) 0.807 (#33) Opp Assists/Turnover
Cincinnati vs Iowa Overall
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Points/Game 71.7 (#178) 73.6 (#221) Opp Points/Game
Avg Score Margin +9.5 (#25) -4.7 (#70) Opp Avg Score Margin
Assists/Game 13.4 (#153) 15.9 (#335) Opp Assists/Game
Total Rebounds/Gm 36.2 (#110) 34.7 (#163) Opp Total Rebounds/Gm
Assists/FGM 0.541 (#113) 0.591 (#325) Opp Assists/FGM
Assists/Turnover 1.277 (#45) 1.210 (#291) Opp Assists/Turnover
Iowa vs Cincinnati Shooting
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Effective FG % 52.6% (#96) 48.1% (#52) Opp Effective FG %
FTA/FGA 0.423 (#14) 0.305 (#115) Opp FTA/FGA
Free Throw % 74.0% (#72) 66.4% (#17) Opp Free Throw %
Three Point % 36.1% (#89) 35.1% (#218) Opp Three Point %
Two Point % 51.5% (#110) 44.7% (#16) Opp Two Point %
Shooting % 45.5% (#85) 40.6% (#28) Opp Shooting %
Shooting Efficiency 1.137 (#48) 1.009 (#27) Opp Shooting Efficiency
FGM/Game 26.1 (#116) 21.7 (#11) Opp FGM/Game
FGA/Game 57.4 (#186) 53.4 (#34) Opp FGA/Game
3PM/Game 8.1 (#125) 8.0 (#228) Opp 3PM/Game
3PA/Game 22.4 (#164) 22.9 (#218) Opp 3PA/Game
FTM/Game 18.0 (#2) 10.8 (#27) Opp FTM/Game
FTA/Game 24.3 (#11) 16.3 (#43) Opp FTA/Game
Cincinnati vs Iowa Shooting
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Effective FG % 49.0% (#256) 51.6% (#207) Opp Effective FG %
FTA/FGA 0.381 (#47) 0.288 (#70) Opp FTA/FGA
Free Throw % 70.4% (#182) 68.4% (#66) Opp Free Throw %
Three Point % 35.0% (#143) 32.6% (#72) Opp Three Point %
Two Point % 47.3% (#280) 53.4% (#297) Opp Two Point %
Shooting % 43.2% (#221) 44.8% (#211) Opp Shooting %
Shooting Efficiency 1.065 (#211) 1.080 (#171) Opp Shooting Efficiency
FGM/Game 24.8 (#222) 26.9 (#267) Opp FGM/Game
FGA/Game 57.4 (#178) 60.0 (#269) Opp FGA/Game
3PM/Game 6.6 (#276) 8.1 (#235) Opp 3PM/Game
3PA/Game 19.0 (#305) 24.8 (#297) Opp 3PA/Game
FTM/Game 15.4 (#58) 11.8 (#69) Opp FTM/Game
FTA/Game 21.9 (#52) 17.2 (#87) Opp FTA/Game
Iowa vs Cincinnati Scoring
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
1st Half Pts/Gm 38.0 (#21) 28.9 (#18) Opp 1st Half Pts/Gm
2nd Half Pts/Gm 39.6 (#74) 32.8 (#10) Opp 2nd Half Pts/Gm
OT Pts/Gm 0.7 (#158) 0.5 (#138) Opp OT Pts/Gm
Cincinnati vs Iowa Scoring
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
1st Half Pts/Gm 34.1 (#146) 34.4 (#214) Opp 1st Half Pts/Gm
2nd Half Pts/Gm 36.9 (#212) 38.6 (#228) Opp 2nd Half Pts/Gm
OT Pts/Gm 0.7 (#155) 0.6 (#159) Opp OT Pts/Gm
Iowa vs Cincinnati Rebounding
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Off Rebounds/Gm 9.0 (#131) 8.2 (#163) Opp Off Rebounds/Gm
Def Rebounds/Gm 24.0 (#137) 19.5 (#2) Opp Def Rebounds/Gm
Off Rebound % 28.5% (#99) 27.0% (#212) Opp Off Rebound %
Def Rebound % 72.1% (#247) 64.2% (#6) Opp Def Rebound %
Cincinnati vs Iowa Rebounding
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Off Rebounds/Gm 10.9 (#22) 9.3 (#275) Opp Off Rebounds/Gm
Def Rebounds/Gm 22.2 (#270) 22.5 (#107) Opp Def Rebounds/Gm
Off Rebound % 35.8% (#6) 27.9% (#247) Opp Off Rebound %
Def Rebound % 73.0% (#212) 71.5% (#99) Opp Def Rebound %
Iowa vs Cincinnati Blocks
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Blocks/Game 3.3 (#167) 3.7 (#278) Opp Blocks/Game
Block % 5.5% (#181) 6.4% (#274) Opp Block %
Cincinnati vs Iowa Blocks
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Blocks/Game 4.5 (#34) 2.7 (#59) Opp Blocks/Game
Block % 8.4% (#20) 4.8% (#60) Opp Block %
Iowa vs Cincinnati Steals
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Steals/Game 6.2 (#157) 3.9 (#2) Opp Steals/Game
Steals/Play 7.6% (#191) 5.0% (#1) Opp Steals/Play
Cincinnati vs Iowa Steals
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Steals/Game 6.2 (#161) 6.7 (#245) Opp Steals/Game
Steals/Play 8.2% (#121) 8.2% (#236) Opp Steals/Play
Iowa vs Cincinnati Turnovers
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Turnovers/Game 12.2 (#102) 13.6 (#106) Opp Turnovers/Game
Turnovers/Play 15.0% (#78) 18.1% (#59) Opp Turnovers/Play
Cincinnati vs Iowa Turnovers
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Turnovers/Game 10.5 (#21) 13.1 (#144) Opp Turnovers/Game
Turnovers/Play 13.5% (#18) 16.1% (#175) Opp Turnovers/Play
Iowa vs Cincinnati Fouls
IOWA Value (rank) Value (rank) CIN
Personal Fouls/Gm 16.0 (#43) 18.9 (#88) Opp Personal Fouls/Gm
Personal Fouls/Play 19.7% (#23) 24.3% (#45) Opp Personal Fouls/Play
Cincinnati vs Iowa Fouls
CIN Value (rank) Value (rank) IOWA
Personal Fouls/Gm 16.0 (#42) 20.6 (#18) Opp Personal Fouls/Gm
Personal Fouls/Play 21.3% (#104) 25.4% (#14) Opp Personal Fouls/Play

danny60606 03-22-2019 01:27 AM

Holy Shit....

ONE51RUM 03-22-2019 01:33 AM

ohiost/iowa st
ok here is a game where the line has surprised me alot, i had this at 7 7.5 old friends out there opened this at 6.5 and it went down right away..ohhh those right away they pounded it so i looked at injuries nobody important, i woulda thought maybe it went to 8 i didnt expect any blowout i think iowa st wins this by 10, so when it went down i was real happy and bet it .didnt do alot of capping and as many know i dont do alot of big 10 games thats BASEMANS area (hope he gets ya brother!) anyway so maybe someones got one on me but im still going with the team i have getting to final 4 in 1 bracket ..and i actually bet this game twice what a nut , thats what rum and whatever im adding will do to you by 3 am along with what ever else im doing, anyway retarded sometimes ..i know its TRIPPERS fault..<thnk>...damn dog was betting his own he does have a game going today too, he told me who, but hes posting it later:eek:

551158546-1 3/22/19 2:19am $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/22/19 9:50pm College Basketball 814 Iowa State -5 -120* vs Ohio State
551158417-1 3/22/19 2:11am $110.00 $100.00 Pending 3/22/19 9:50pm College Basketball 814 Iowa State -5 -120* vs Ohio State

gl all 151<yup<

danny60606 03-22-2019 01:37 AM

By the Way went 3-0 with my Top Plays on Thursday..

Working on Friday...But Cincinnati will be one of my Top Plays today..
Think they Win by 8+ points

ONE51RUM 03-22-2019 02:05 AM

heres a game that when i first looked at it 1 minute into capping i saidf Drake big!! then i said wait a minute, now maybe thats when i should have abandoned ship, but i didnt looking at this s.utah has only lost 3 and 2 were back to back to montana amd montana st back on dec 29 and 31 after that they won 7 in a row then lost their last game vs a good n.col team but then they beat n.col in the tourney ..and if ya take notes this team will be very good next year when they get 2 of their better players back Dwayne Morgan a forward only played like 7 games and is one of their leading scorers , and gaurd jason richardson they both been out since like late november , anyway basing this on s.utah at home its a long way for drake to travel and S.utah home record and a few other things DRake has most of the trends going their way ats wise, but they have not played since march 9th and s.utah march 15th i dont like long layoffs personally ... its a pick and im sticking with it ,

551158852-1 3/22/19 2:35am $165.00 $150.00 Pending 3/22/19 8:30pm College Basketball 834 Southern Utah +5½ -110* vs Drake

i will be posting many morre and alot wont have my tickets because i will

gl all 151<yup<

ONE51RUM 03-22-2019 02:33 AM


Originally Posted by danny60606 (Post 8397464)
By the Way went 3-0 with my Top Plays on Thursday..

Working on Friday...But Cincinnati will be one of my Top Plays today..
Think they Win by 8+ points

solid going Danny ...yes me too sounds about right they have to play solid defense if they have iowa at like 26-28 points at half and they have like only 31-32 they will win by like 10+ they get them into their style of play, and they should control the boards for the most part, but if iowa gets hot and has like 35 at half and maybe iowa is up 35-31 its going to be hard ..... way to pick them bro keep your total plays at like 3 to 4 should do well if your cappings ok, and no big collapses its a fucking grind im actually happy as hell its march...lmao
after ncaa championship, im dont i focus on my real love Horses and dogs, and i go see my Motley Crew of gamblers in louisville on 1st saturday in may our 8th year now cost kevin and kenny like 16 , its alot of fun ... my brain needs a rest wish ya the best tomorrow do you post? if not let me know what your on tomorrow for hell of it , i got a few more tomorrow , really looking into the

c.fla/va comm okla/miss st im debating on maybe taking G.ST +12 vs houston , houston showed me some weaknesses there i never knew about , and their 3 losses this year were to cinncy very good defensive team, C.fla very good defensive team and Temple at that time was playing better defense , and in all 3 losses houston didnt score over 70 points 69, 64, 57 .. now g.state doesnt have a defense like those teams and they havent played a defense like houston's i dont think, i think HOUSTON will be helped because they caught a break and are in Tulsa oklahoma if ya notice what the committe did i think on purpose too was??? these very good MID MAJORS like CINNCY and HOUSTON , houston isnt far from home they win they play IOWA st and they could beat them and CINN gets Columbus wich is like a home game and they would play a Tennessee team and they could beat tennessee ...ill tell ya every year you have your MURRAY st and your WOFFORDS winning 2 maybe , and every few yrs you have your VCU WICHITA ST getting to great 8 maybe final 4 and i think thats what they did to maybe get Cinncy or Houston both those schools exspecially cinncy have been really good awhile, and cinncy i thought should have gotten to final 4 a couple of time back when the WV coach had them they were tenacious on defense . and if their main scorers get hot with that defense they play they could get there ...yea those are a few of the games im looking into bro gl 151<yup< see i ramble

ONE51RUM 03-22-2019 02:44 AM

got a few smaller plays is all,..... total team pts plays

under 67.5 team pts ohio st $110.00 - $100.00 :cl::

and a 1 unit play on over 72 team pts S>UTAH as i looked they only scored under 72 at home twice, they won 65-53 over weber st, and lost 70-53 to n.col all other games were 73 once and at least 75 or more so im going over the 72
$110.00 - $100.00 <hp:

gl all 151<yup< its time to wake the wife up!::cl1

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